1 - Kiss Like Killers

2 - One Way Kiss

3 - Girlfriend's Got a Gun

4 - Sharkbait

5 - Mother's Mother Tongue

6 - Horse Pills and Dog Meat

7 - Eat My Hole

8 - Build Him Till He Breaks

9 - Donkey Work

10 - The Corpse

11 - Six Noughts (Monkey Money)


There is an intensive art to The Neutrinos. Unashamed guitar music fronted by an audience hooking show woman, Karen Reilly, described as having "ball-busting vocals" in a review of the single "Build Him ‘til He Breaks".

Produced by Jonny Cole and Jon Baker for CRiB Productions 
Mixed by Jonny Cole
Recorded at The Mill by Dave Pye & Jonny Cole
Thanks to Greig Dunning for extra guitar and to Catherine Feeny for backing vocals on ‘Horse Pills’
 Design & photography by Karen Reilly, Sal Pittman, Steve Forster, Dave Guttridge & Anne Reekie

(P) 2007 Wetnurse Records © 2007 Wetnurse Records