1 - Yargon

2 - No Christmas Song

3 - Love is in the Bullet

4 - Clump

5 - Pissing in the Wind

6 - U-Bahn (The View's Amazing)

7 - Isotope

8 - The Butcher of Common Sense

9 - Spill the Sea

10 - Reverse Heaven

11 - Asleep on a Bed of Nails

12 - Shake the Egg

13 - Spoky Thing


Butcher of Common Sense

This is the first collaboration between The Neutrinos and Sal Pittman - A visceral visual journey through half worlds and half truths. A set of songs that kick, caress and bite. Conceived in a vast DDR radio station and developed under self rules of spontaneity, it is a daring, raw, fragile and bold expression blending experimentation, art, noise, melody, expressionist and kosmische attitide, producing aural nightmares (Isotope) otherworldliness (Clump, U-bahn, Spill The Sea) and at times even radio friendly (Butcher of Common Sense)

Produced by Jonny Cole and The Neutrinos 
Engineered by Jonny Cole, Jon Baker, Jerry Melchers, Owen Morgan
Mixed by Jonny Cole, Jon Baker, Mark Howe
Mastered by Jonny Cole at The Mill

Sal Pittman - Art and Art Direction 

Pip Cotterill drums 
Leo Thornely guitar
Cath Evans drums

The Butchers: 
Jon Baker
Jonny Cole
Roz Coleman
Pip Cotterill
Mark Howe
Sal Pittman
Karen Reilly
Leo Thornely
Dan Tombs

all rights reserved ©2012